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Transition strategies for SVG content providers

At the 2010 SVGopen conference my talk was full of praise for the native SVG support in IE9 but with an emphasis on the slow adoption of IE updates in the enterprise. Especially with IE9 not being available on WindowsXP, content providers who want to leverage the power of SVG need to give a helping hand to older versions of Internet Explorer.

Here the SVG Web library comes to help that offers support for standard compliant SVG markup in IE 6, 7 & 8 with the use of the still widely deployed Flash plugin. Very recently SVG Web became fully compatible with the latest preview release of IE9 thus making "Ubiquitous SVG" a reality.

You can watch this presentation as well as all the others from the Paris conference at The recordings are provided under a Creative Commons BY-ND license and available in several formats for streaming and download.

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