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SVG in eBooks

During the final SVGopen conference this September in Zürich, which also marked the first iteration of The Graphical Web, I spoke about SVG in eBooks. Intended as a solution for ever higher but varying pixel densities of eReaders and tablets, it turned out that the authoring side of things is lacking. Nevertheless the resolution independence of SVG can already be harnessed in eBooks today, some caveats notwithstanding.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, that hosted the conference, made recordings of all the talks available in various formats. Thus you can watch my presentation "SVG in eBooks" on almost any device.

SVG in eBooks

The talk is based on a published paper with the full title SVG in eBooks – Packaging the Graphical Web for Offline Use and contains a lot of links to resources and example files. Also available from this site are the slides of the presentation as they were shown in the above recording.

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