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The Work of John Gruber

Ten years of writing the Daring Fireball blog has drawn many ways of appreciation for John Gruber. Among them a wonderful visual analysis into the topics of his articles.

Discussion of this research on The Talk Show lead me to try some more on the data. It almost certainly asked to be looked at in a Calendar View using the d3.js library.

The Seasons of Daring Fireball

I leave it to the viewers to come to their own conclusions if and what (seasonal) patterns are revealed in that graphic. As became clear pretty soon, his work has expanded far beyond the written word in recent years. So the graphic was appended with links to the talks John gave. It has been a pleasure to listen and watch those great talks about design and excellence again.

And with this I present John Gruber’s Œuvre, a data visualisation of the first ten years of his articles with regard to word count by day. Thanks to Kemper Smith for letting me re-use the data he gathered.

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